Structured Distribution Service;

"Service way beyond Just In Time Management" !


How does SDS work for you?

 Simply, based on your annual consumption of an item; for instance, Bolds, Nuts, Washers, an APU filter kit PN: 65-90305-79 or your ignitor consumption PN: CH31900-6, we together determine the optimal delivery schedule to fit your operational requirement and offer you the breaking price level for the total committed annual consumption.

 Whichever delivery schedule meets your requirement best; monthly, bi-monthly or any other periodic interval, your braking annual price will be identified on the invoice for the number of parts identified in the schedule only.

This simple example shows the flexibility of the Structured Distribution Service (SDS) where Aile aviation services will monitor over time and report any optimisation possible that will improve the schedule and deliveries, as well as further pricing opportunities / reductions.

Where and how to apply SDS?

If you create a list of all or any of these time-consuming materials and add the quantity you expect to consume on an annual basis. We at Aile Aviation Services will provide a proposal in respect to that schedule with pricing.

It goes without saying that we will keep you informed on all or any developments on the primary agreed material, so, if something’d changing we will be back to you.

How Does SDS work in practice?

Once the quantities, schedule and pricing are confirmed to your requirement / satisfaction.

14 days prior to shipping your agreed periodical requirement, you will receive our reminder call asking for confirmation on the scheduled quantity for the next upcoming delivery period.

Even now there is a built-in flexibility for you. You can still amend and request us to supply less or more per line item, or even add other non-scheduled items.

After confirmation, the shipment will be on its way to you as agreed on time and we will send you the AWBN notification.

Our invoice will be raised, based on the actual quantities shipped to the annual agreed price per line item.

Challenge us, to structure the consumable and expendables definition of your choice!


Aile Aviation Services Structured Distribution Service

Reduced your storage space, streamlines inventory and accounting

Releasing your valuable working capital!

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